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Tuesday, January 07, 2014
A hug that leaves me longing for more

Yes, a hug that leaves me longing for more. Today, I was taking an afternoon nap with my dog on my bed. She was so calm and sleepy. So we ended up snuggling against each other and fell asleep for almost 4 hours (at least for me xD)! My dear baby has been with me since forever, and I love her dearly. I know she is hitting the mid of her lifespan, but regardless of what's gonna happen, she will always be the best dog in my life. I hug her tight everytime I scoop her off the floor and she would always cling on me like a baby.

Surprisingly, she still look like a puppy even thought she is 7 years old. I love it when people came up to me and tell me how healthy she is and how well she is taken care of. Well, I supposed. She is like a baby daughter to me, and if you are like any other normal loving mother, you will give the best for your baby.

Just yesterday, I was at his place. And I was doing some work (sending Taobao List and doing some Lense batching). He came over and gave me a tight hug and ask me the usual thing ,"Are you a faggot?" in his act cute voice. I felt that sudden burst of blissfulness. and I wonder how long will our relationship stay like this? I love changes and I hate changes. I will hate it if years later, we are nothing more but strangers. I asked him,"Can you don't change?" 

I love him, I love our relationship so dearly. And relationships are always so vulnerable against changes, and the future. He hugged me tight, gave me a tight squeeze every time. He was doing his stuffs, and he would turned around and looked at me. I gave him a smile that I always gave. Not because I had to, but because it came naturally. I think I never loved any guy like I do for him. We gave each other sloppy kisses because we wanted to gross out each other, we wrestled on the bed because it was fun and we fart at each other whenever we feel like it.

I've never feel so comfortable before. 
Just stay with me, okay? :) 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014
I love you!

Gosh, I have no idea how much I love my boyfriend. Even though I admit that sometimes I wonder why I am still together with him simply because he is quite tsun. At the end of the day, he still always give in to me no matter how much he refused to do so. Like, he was telling me how much he don't wanna go out because it is a public holiday and he prefers staying at home to do his stuffs than to waste time doing nothing outside. To me, I don't feel there is much bonding at home and I prefer to hold his hand and going into random shop to laugh and talk about something. Then, just when I asked again, he went "Fineeeeeeeee. Let me shower first." and I go "WHOOPIEEEE" and gave him a great big bear hug on his bed while he smiled at my excitement. 

He told me he don't like playing L4D2 because it is boring and generally a stupid and repetitive game. Mind you, I love L4D2, love shooting zombies. That's why I was kinda disappointed when he told me he don't really fancy playing the game. Then he came to me and ask me to play L4D2 last week. I was surprised and asked him what changed his mind. He told me this,"I will be able to give you more attention if I play a game that you want to play." AWWWW. Another great big bear hug!

No matter how many times I may have doubt myself being together with this dick head, I can NEVER bring myself to leave. I may never ever find someone else like him again. True he may have his own stubborn and selfish times which may be unbearable, but who else can tolerate MY stubbornness and spoilt behaviour? 

I just like to say, be contented and you will stay happy. Yes, striving for the best is one of the motto a person should have in life. But never, in a relationship. Because you will just keep dumping and moving on and eventually end up with no one. and you become that sad miserable shit and wonder why you even let go the best one you can find. You can keep finding and searching for the best one, but mind you, you are not the best in other people's eyes too. The one who can truly accept you for who you are, stay on and hold him tight, you bitch. hahahahaha! 

Happy new year people! :D 

Sunday, December 29, 2013
Like what my title suggested, yes it's been a zillion years since I came back to this blog. Just because.

I feel I've grown up so much since then, and even after many attempts to change my blog, I feel this spot suits me best. The place of all my memories, be it good or bad. It's always here!

I doubt my old readers are still here, but it's okay. I sorta want this private personal space to myself now. Even at the age of 23, I'm still... violet cheerful forever :)) 

Anyways, a shout out to my awesome boyfriend who take breaks to give me a tight hug from his computer games while I'm asleep on his bed. And then proceed to wrestling with each other after waking me up because we are immature like that. 

True I may be coming 24 and have probably grown up to be more responsible for my life, but the kid inside me never grow and still want to part of me to be her. And yeah, I will stay that way! 

Onwards, 2014! ❤️

Friday, June 24, 2011
ok la.
this is my new blog..

Friday, June 10, 2011
I've moved.
I won't be posting here.
This is a not so.... cheerful place anymore.
Beats the purpose of my URL.

Want to know my new blog?
Ask me then! :D

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


It takes 2 hands to clap for this relationship to work.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
HELLO!!!! :D
HELLO PEOPLE! HAHA! Sorry for the many long intervals between blog posts. I kinda lost my motivation to blog after sometime -.- " I think Facebook still serve as the major platform to update all you lovelies.

But sometimes, I do have the sudden urge to blog so... here I am!

I posted another picture up on facebook, but I got this picture just recently. Haha! Thank You Nik for the impromptu photoshoot held at the top of .... some rooftop carpark (because Funan IT mall) LOL! I want steamy soon okay!

These few weeks, ever since from Taiwan, I have pretty much slacked at home and getting ready for my university bridging course... not practically but mentally. HAHA. To hold my books and to start writing again... its "horrification".

So yeah... nothing much actually. I felt much happier recently too. Because I was able to take all my time in the world to meet all my friends, to relax, to read, to sleep as long as I want, or basically, to do whatever I want now at this holiday. It's a peaceful holiday. I love it :)

"I thought I forgotten how it feels already. I don't dare to hope for much down the road, but right now, I feel love. "

Monday, April 11, 2011
Photos from my lousy iPhone HAHAHAHAHAHA.
OL. I realised we took some pictures using my iPhone. Quality suck like crazy but thats because we had nothing to do while Kaoru and Sheryl were having their shoot. and the only available camera is my phone xDDDDD But anyways, make do with it!

Here comes Azu-nyan and Yui chan! :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011
SOYC, Camwhore and Taiwan Picture
HELLO EVERYONE!! It's been a while since I last uploaded. Well, because I was simply lazy to upload pictures from Taiwan, and that laziness lead to many other missing posts after I came back from overseas!

But yes, finally an ass to start blogging new post! 8D

Yesterday was SOYC, I cosplayed as Yui from K-on! Really enjoyed myself cosing as Yui because of her bubbly character. But most feel that I should cosplay as Mio. YES THAT WILL BE MY NEXT COSPLAY SOON. =X It's not that difficult.. right? :P
I don't want to comment on it but I really really love Yui alot ! It was fun yesterday hanging out with afew friends after event (Valky, Sheryl, Jervis, Wei Ning and Hang U). HAHA!

Watashi wa tanoshii jikan o sugoshita!

In the plane with Nick and Pearle. I swear Tiger airways is the cheapest airline but with the most fucked up seat ever. But thats what you get for being a cheapo! Well, I would say it's worth torturing yourself for 5 hours but gotten a whole week of fun overseas :)
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TS HOTEL! Its the cheapest yet provides the most comfortable and superb service ! I will definitely stay here everytime I make a trip down to Taipei.

Zettai ni zettai ni


2nd day to Longshan Temple. Prayed for EVERYONE.

Let's experience a round of rilakkuma maddness :PPPPP
The famous Ah Zhong meesua. It was awesome. AWESOME.
A view of Xi Men Ting ! :)

One thing you couldn't miss when going to Taipei..
XXL Fried Chicken Fillet!

and the most sinful shit ever.
Cheese Potato.
ALOT OF GOOEY CHEESE, POTATO, toppings and what's not.
I had this.
2 times.
Both times at night.
Once during 12am.

Nom Nom Nom.
I love my hair on the 3rd day. I curled it because we decided to go clubbing on the 3rd day. !!

At Cityhall.
No, not our Cityhall.
They have a Cityhall at Taipei too!
Our Atas food, but also mad cheapest Atas food we ever eaten.
4th Day at Dashi.
Dashi is a place where you will find alot of students lingering around after school.
We shopped for the whole day and also eaten "Yong Tau Fau" at one of the roadside stalls. It was delicious and Thank You uncle for entertaining us! :D
5th Day , we decided to go to Danshui. Its a coastal area, almost like east coast park, except 10times better because you don't simply just go to there to cycle. You shopped too!!!

They have a mysterious object kinda exhibition. I was amazed by alot of things. This parrot talks !! She/he even giggles !!
This turtle is so cute. It seems to be smiling 24/7!

and then we went back to Shilin and took some pictures with some friends we made!

This girl is super pretty.
Trust me for being random.
I went into the shop (she's working inside) and requested to take a photo with her.
The last day, we decided to go for the breakfast shop.
Their cheese toast was..... the most delicious breakfast I've ever eaten.
I bought this ring.. and I lost this ring =.=

Afew things I definitely miss about Taiwan :